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Consumer information about the medication COMFREY (Symphytum officinale) - TOPICAL , includes side effects, drug interactions, recommended dosages, and storage information. Read more about the prescription drug COMFREY (Symphytum officinale) - TOPICAL symphytum 200 homeopathy dosage symphytum 30c homeopathic medicine symphytum broken bones symphytum officinale bone healing symphytum officinale dose for bone healing symphytum officinale medicinal uses symphytum officinale mother tincture symphytum q dosage. 3,641. Share. Dr G. P. Singh 808 posts 0 comments Symphytum officinale common comfrey Sold by 19 nurseries. Join the RHS today and get 12 months for the price of 9. Join now. Other common names common comfrey alum backwort black root blackwort Bohemian comfrey bone-set bruisewort. Symphytum officinale HPUS (0.443mg) The letters HPUS indicate that this ingredient is officially included in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. Inactive ingredients lactose, sucrose. Direction

Symphytum officinale is a PERENNIAL growing to 1.2 m (4ft) by 0.6 m (2ft in) at a fast rate. It is hardy to zone (UK) 5 and is not frost tender. It is in flower from May to June, and the seeds ripen from June to July. The species is hermaphrodite (has both male and female organs) and is pollinated by Bees. Suitable for: light (sandy), medium (loamy) and heavy (clay) soils and can grow in heavy. Symphytum is a genus of flowering plants in the borage family, Boraginaceae.There are up to 35 species, known by the common name comfrey (pronounced / ˈ k ʌ m f r i /).Some species and hybrids, particularly S. officinale and S. × uplandicum, are used in gardening and herbal medicine.They are not to be confused with Cynoglossum virginianum, known as wild comfrey, another member of the borage. Symphytum officinale vol. 11 - plate 09 in: Jacob Sturm: Deutschlands Flora in Abbildungen (1796) Symphytum officinale plate 483 in: Otto Wilhelm Thom. Symphytum officinale a homeopathic first aid remedy is also knows as comphrey, knitbone and bone-set in herbal medicine. The latter names precisely describe its sphere of genius, the mending of broken bones, and the treatment of bone diseases, ranging from inflammation of the bones, or osteitis to cancers of the bones or sarcomas Symphytum officinale is a very good homoeopathic remedy which is mainly considered as an Orthopaedic specific. This medicine is prepared from the Tincture of fresh root-stock which is collected before flowering and in autumn

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Comfrey (Symphytum officinale)Common ragwort, tansy ragwort (Senecio jacobaea)Crotalaria (Crotalaria spp.)Dusty miller, cineraria, butterweed, Cape ivy, German ivy, Natal ivy, parlor ivy, water ivy, wax vine (Senecio spp.)Fiddleneck, tarweed (Amsinckia spp.)Hound's-tongue (Cynoglossum officinale, Color Plate 27-14)Lantana, shrub verbena, yellow sage, bunchberry (Lantana camara Symphytum Officinale (Symph.) Contact us for help with your sports injury. Read about how to dose a remedy here. Buy homeopathy at Homeopathic Remedies Online. Used for injuries of bones and eyes and for fractures. It improves reunion of bones rapidly. For pains in bones or to the membrane of connective tissue of bones after injuries. Continue reading Symphytum Officinale Handle online for Symphytum Officinale og Homeopati til rabattpriser på Lucky Vitamin. Lagre på merkenavnet Symphytum Officinale produkter. Sikker online shopping. Du blir garantert fornøyd Symphytum asperum × Symphytum officinale → Symphytum ×‌uplandicum Nyman is a very rare comfrey hybrid in New England known from CT, VT. It resembles S. asperum in that the leaves are not decurrent on the stem (or infrequently shortly decurrent for a distance of less than 10 mm) Symphytum officinale L., radix (comfrey root) i) Herbal substance . Not applicable. ii) Herbal preparations . Liquid extract prepared by extraction with ethanol 65% (V/V) followed by partial evaporation and adjustment to a DER 2:1 . 3. Pharmaceutical form Well-established use Traditional us

Noteworthy Characteristics. Symphytum officinale, commonly called comfrey, is a large, coarse, tuberous-rooted, clumping perennial (to 3' tall and 2.5' wide) that is primarily grown today as an ornamental for its attractive foliage and spring flowers.Large, pointed, hairy, ovate-lanceolate, dark green basal leaves grow to 8 long. Upper leaves are decurrent and much smaller than the. Valurt Symphytum officinale L. Art i . Planteriket Plantae Haeckel. Art. Populærnavn; nb-NO Valurt nn-NO Valurt Takson ID 145678 Vitenskapelig navn ID 101058 Listesøk innenfor Symphytum officinale L. Klassifisering; Planteriket Plantae Haeckel. Dekkfrøete planter Magnoliophyta Cronquist.

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Symphytum officinale var. ochroleucum DC., 1846 Symphytum officinale var. rectiflorum Touss. & Hoschedé, 1898 Homonyms Symphytum officinale L. Common names Arznei-Beinwell in German Beinwell in German Gewöhnlicher Beinwell in German Gewöhnlicher Beinwell in German Keihäsnielukukka in Finnish Ketosilmäruoho in Finnish Kjertelaugnetrøst in. Symphytum officinale in the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN), U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service. Accessed: 07-Oct-06. Vernacular names [ edit Media in category Symphytum officinale The following 200 files are in this category, out of 281 total. (previous page) 'Symphytum officinale' Comfrey Capel Manor College Gardens Enfield London England.jpg 5,472 × 3,648; 19.03 MB..

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Tot 40% goedkoper via kiesproduct. Vergelijk prijzen alle webshops Symphytum officinale Tørket og opphakket rot av valurt Helt siden oldtiden har valurt vært ansett som et av de beste midlene for å få store sår og benbrudd til å gro. Det som skjer når man bruker valurt på sår er at garvesyren i urten har en sammentrekkende virkning som bidrar til å stoppe blødningen og hindre infeksjoner Valurtslekta (Symphytum) er ei slekt i rubladfamilien.. De er flerårige urter med krypende jordstengel og er som regel høye med grov vekst. Stengelen er opprett med strie hår. Bladene er spisse og eggrunde. Blomstene sitter i ensidige kvaster. Begeret har fem fliker, og kronen er rør- eller klokkeformet med blå, rød, rosa, hvit eller mer sjelden gul farge

Symphytum officinale L. SYNONYMER Symphytum officinale ssp. uliginosum Symphytum officinalis Symphytum patens Symphytum uliginosum Kern. NAVN PÅ ANDRE SPRÅK. NAVN Det latinske artsnavnet Symphytum kommer fra gresk symphein (vokse sammen) og sikter til bruken av valurt ved benbrudd Symphytum officinale synonyms, Symphytum officinale pronunciation, Symphytum officinale translation, English dictionary definition of Symphytum officinale. Noun 1. Symphytum officinale - European herb having small white, pink or purple flowers; naturalized as a weed in North America boneset, common comfrey.. Latin name: Symphytum officinale Family: Boraginaceae (Borage Family) Medicinal use of Comfrey: Comfrey is a commonly used herbal medicine with a long and proven history in the treatment of various complaints. The root and the leaves are used, the root being more active, and they can be taken internally or used externally as a poultice Genus Symphytum is comprised of around 30 Eurasian members. Comfrey is known as an old ornamental and medicinal plant whose root has been used to help heal difficult wounds and broken bones. Its generic name means to fuse or to grow together, and one of its folk names is knitbone

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  1. istered internally in the treatment of gastric and duodenal juries to sinews, tendons and the periosteum. Acts on joints generally. Neuralgia of knee
  2. This blog post — COMFREY (Symphytum officinale): A healer of wounds, bruises and bones — is for general health information only. This blog post is not to be used as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any health condition or problem
  3. De gewone smeerwortel (Symphytum officinale) is een vaste plant uit de ruwbladigenfamilie (Boraginaceae).Deze soort is in België en Nederland een algemeen voorkomende plant in ruigtes, bermen, op dijken en bij slootkanten.Dit geldt voor geheel Europa met uitzondering van het hooggebergte.De plant is in Noord-Amerika ingevoerd en verwilderd..

Symphytum officinale is a hardy perennial plant, up to 4 feet (1.3 m) tall. The roots are fleshy and white inside and black on the outside. Stems are thick and hairy. The leaves are large, ovate to lanceolate and dark green in color Symphytum officinale (Common Comfrey) is a coarse, spreading perennial forming a clump of long, elliptic, dark green leaves, 10 in. long (25 cm). In late spring to early summer, nodding, tubular bell-shaped, purple, pink or cream flowers appear in drooping clusters. Comfrey has a long history as a medicinal herb and has been grown in herbal gardens since the 12th century Symphytum Officinale quantity. Add to cart. SKU: SymphP6C Categories: Simplex, Simplex-S. Description Description. Symph. Simplexes are available as 100 sweet sucrose pills per vial (lactose and gluten free), or liquid remedies - 120 doses per bottle, mild-tasting water/ethanol mix

Pharmacology: Constituents: The roots of Symphytum officinale contain pyrrolizidine alkaloids, including symlandine, symphytine, and echimidine. 8,9 Other constituents include riddelliine, riddelliine N-oxide, senecionine, senecionine N-oxide, seneciphylline, retrorsine, integerrimine, lasiocarpine and heliotrine. 6 Anadoline has also been identified in a related species, Symphytum orientale. Beinwell (Symphytum), früher (und auch heute in der deutschsprachigen Schweiz) auch Wallwurz (in Bezug auf das Zuheilen [Wallen] von Knochenbrüchen und Wunden, insbesondere für die Beinwell-Art Symphytum officinale) oder Beinwurz genannt, ist eine Pflanzengattung, die zur Familie der Raublattgewächse (Boraginaceae) gehört. Die 20 bis 40 Arten sind in Europa, Nordafrika und in West. Symphytum officinale (consuelda) es una especie de planta perenne perteneciente al género Symphytum de la familia Boraginaceae. [1] [2] Es originaria de Europa y es conocida en otros lugares, incluyendo América del Norte, como una especie introducida y, a veces una mala hierba Was ist Symphytum? Der Name Symphytum officinale kommt vom griechischen symphyo, zu Deutsch: ich vereinige. Schon die heilige Hildegard und Paracelsus wussten, dass diese Pflanze die Heilung von Brüchen fördert. Die deutschen Namen Beinwell und Wallwurz beinhalten beide das altdeutsche Wort wallen, das heilen bedeutet

Symphytum officinale, the comfrey root, has been used as a traditional medicinal plant for the treatment of painful muscle and joint complaints for centuries [8]. Boericke in his Materia Medica indicates Symphytum in non-union of fractures in capital letters [9],. American Medical College of Homeopathy (AMCH) is a leading homeopathic college for Classical Homeopathy, with national & international students. They offer c.. Benedek B, Ziegler A, Ottersbach P. Absence of mutagenic effects of a particular Symphytum officinale L. liquid extract in the bacterial reverse mutation assay. Phytother Res. 2010;24(3):466-468.1982702 Symphytum officinale L., 1753: La consolida maggiore (nome scientifico Symphytum officinale L. 1753) è una pianta erbacea perenne, a fiori penduli, della famiglia delle Boraginaceae. Etimologia. Uno dei primi botanici a designare questa pianta col nome di Symphytum fu. Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) supplied by member gardeners in the PlantFiles database at Dave's Garden

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Boiron Symphytum officinale 6c, 80 pellets, homeopathic Medicine That Promotes Healing of Bone Trauma, 3 Count 4.7 out of 5 stars 18. $18.25. Next. Top trending products related to this item. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed Symphytum officinale L. - common comfrey Subordinate Taxa. This plant has no children Legal Status. Wetland Status. Interpreting Wetland Status. Related Links. More Accounts and Images; ARS Germplasm Resources Information Network (SYOF) CalPhotos (SYOF) Integrated Taxonomic. Art Valurt Symphytum officinale L. Populærnavn. Bokmål. valurt; Nynorsk. valurt; Vitenskapelig navn ID. 101058; Les mer om taksonet . Synonymer Symphytum peregrinum Ledeb. Art. Navnetre Rike Bakterier Bacteria. Symphytum officinale Dataset GBIF Backbone Taxonomy Rank SPECIES Classification kingdom Plantae phylum Tracheophyta class. About this cultivar: Symphytum officinale is primarily grown today as an ornamental for its attractive foliage and flowers. Tubular, bluebell-like, white to pink to purple (usually purple) flowers appear in drooping clusters in mid-spring to early summer. Commonly called comfrey it has been cultivated since 400 B. C

Symphytum beeinträchtigt die Wirkung anderer Medikamente nicht. Doch sollte man nach Möglichkeit während der Anwendung auf andere Analgetika verzichten, um die ganze Wirkung des homöopathischen Mittels zu erfahren. Typische Potenzen: Symphytum wird vorwiegend in den Potenzen D6, D12, C30 und C200 verwendet Synonyms for Symphytum officinale in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for Symphytum officinale. 2 synonyms for Symphytum officinale: boneset, common comfrey. What are synonyms for Symphytum officinale Symphytum officinale. Symphytum officinale Linnaeus is an accepted species name. Vernacular names. consoude officinale Darbyshire et al., 2000; grande consoude Louis-Marie, 1953; herbe à la coupure Marie-Victorin, 1995; herbe du cardinal Louis-Marie, 1953; langue de vache Marie-Victorin, 1995; common comfrey Harms, 2006; bruisewort Hinds, 2000. Symphytum officinale is a perennial flowering plant of the genus Symphytum in the family Boraginaceae. Along with thirty four other species of Symphytum, it is known as comfrey. It is native to Europe and it is known elsewhere, including North America, as an introduced species and sometimes a weed

SYMPHYTUM OFFICINALE 5CH. Indications : SYMPHYTUM OFFICINALE 5CH Tube Granules est un médicament homéopathique habituellement utilisé pour traiter les troubles osseux, articulaires et tendineux. Les Granules de SYMPHYTUM OFFICINALE 5 CH s'utilisent Risk profile Symphytum officinale Page 3 of 7 Version date: 11 Dec 2012 Symphytum officinale has been used as a medicinal plant for years, in the form of e.g. extracts and physically modified derivatives such as tinctures, concretes, absolutes, essential oils, etc. (ESIS, Cornel Symphytum officinale ye una especie de planta perenne perteneciente al xéneru Symphytum de la familia Boraginaceae. Ye orixinaria d'Europa y ye conocida n'otros llugares, incluyendo América del Norte, como una especie introducida y, dacuando una meruxa La Consoude officinale (Symphytum officinale) est l'espèce caractéristique du genre Symphytum.Elle présente de nombreuses variétés et s'hybride facilement, cette dernière caractéristique ayant été utilisée en agronomie comme en horticulture.Les limites de définition de l'espèce ne sont d'ailleurs pas fixées de manière définitive (voir l'article sur les consoudes) Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) is a perennial herb with large, hairy leaves that bears small bell-shaped flowers of various colors.Comfrey has been used since ancient times: The ancient Romans and Greeks recommended comfrey for wound healing and broken bones as well as inflammatory and traumatic lesions of muscles and joints

Obtenido a partir de una cepa vegetal, Symphytum es un remedio homeopático particularmente eficaz para tratar trastornos de huesos y tendones. Perteneciente a la familia de las boragináceas, la consuelda mayor (Symphytum officinale) es una planta europea muy apreciada por sus muchas virtudes terapéuticas Symphytum Officinale 30 by Boiron is a great supportive remedy for injuries, blows, pains, and wounds, like Arnica and Ruta. It helps ease the pain especially involving bones or muscles. Overwork at the gym with sore bones and muscles are helped with this. Part of my homeopathic stash for common problems. Recommended

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Red Comfrey (Symphytum officinale 'Rubrum') Plants: Common Name Index A MODERN HERBAL Home Page. Bear in mind A Modern Herbal was written with the conventional wisdom of the early 1900's. This should be taken into account as some of the information may now be considered inaccurate, or not in accordance with modern medicine Symphytum officinale subspecies Symphytum officinale subsp. bohemicum (F.W. Schmidt) Čelak. subspecies Symphytum officinale subsp. officinale L. subspecies Symphytum officinale subsp. uliginosum (A. Kern.) Nyman variety Symphytum officinale var. ochroleucum variety Symphytum officinale var. purpureu Vaistinė taukė (Symphytum officinale) - agurklinių (Boraginaceae) šeimos daugiametis, šiurkščiai plaukuotas žolinis augalas su storomis ir šakotomis šaknimis bei stambiais lapais.Ši taukė yra viena iš dviejų Lietuvoje augančių taukės rūšių, o pasaulyje jų žinoma keliasdešimt. Taukės žiedai auga šakų viršūnėse..

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Le Symphytum officinale, plus connu sous le nom de Consoude officinale ou encore de Grande consoude, est une puissante vivace herbacée assez commune dans nos sous-bois, près humides ou fossés bordant nos chemins ruraux.Coquette malgré son aspect revêche de mauvaise herbe, elle montre au printemps de jolies inflorescences terminales en forme de petites grappes pudiquement recourbées. Kulsukker er en slægt, som er udbredt i et område fra Centralasien og Iran over Kaukasus og Lilleasien til Europa, men med tyngdepunktet i Lilleasien. Det er stift behårede stauder med en opret vækst. Bladene er store og mere eller mindre stilkede. Blomsterne sidder samlet i tætte, sidestillede svikler, og de er nikkende og rørformede til klokkeformede

Symphytum officinale Taxonomy ID: 278672 (for references in articles please use NCBI:txid278672) current nam Gavez obični (ljubičasti gavez, veliki gavez, lat.: Symphytum officinale) je višegodišnja biljka s ljubičastim ili ružičastim cvjetovima. Ostali nazivi ove biljke su crni gavez, kilnjak, konjski rep, korijen za slomljenu nogu, gabež, opašica, svatovci, vela konsolida, volovi jezik. Gavez sadrži alantoin, tanine, sluzi i pirolizidinske alkaloide Symphytum officinale Common name(s): Common Comfrey, True Comfrey, Boneset, Knitbone and others Synonyme(s): N/A Family: Boraginaceae Origin: Europe bis Asia More infos: Common Comfrey has a purple and a white flowering.

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Customers Also Bought:. Karakteristike. Ljubičasti gavez (Symphytum officinale L.) je trajna zeljasta biljka iz porodice boražinovki (Boraginaceae).Stabljika je uspravna, u gornjem dijelu razgranata, mesnata, šuplja, gusto dlakava i visine do 80 cm. Korijen gaveza raste duboko, debeo je i razgranat. Sadrži puno sluzi, izvana je crn a u presjeku bijele boje, lako puca i slomi se. Listovi su naizmjenični. Symphytum officinale is a bushy, perennial herb which grows to a height of 24 -42 inches. Here, we will talk about Symphytum officinale uses, benefits and side effects. Comfrey plant leaves are basal, alternate on the lower stem and might be opposite on the upper part

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Symphytum officinale, a homoeopathy medicine is derived from perennial flowering plant, Symphytum officinale.Plant Symphytum officinale is native to the Europe and largely grows in damp, grassy places. In physiological doses, longer use of plant extract may cause liver toxicity due to presence of pyrrolizidine alkaloids such as lasiocarpine and symphytine Symphytum officinale is a shrub of the Symphytum genus in the family Boraginaceae

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I Hirono, H. Mori & M. Haga. 1978. Carcinogenic activity of Symphytum officinale. Journal of the National Cancer Institute 61(3), 865-9. C Behninger, G. Abel, E. Röder, V. Neuberger & W. Göggelmann. 1989. [Studies on the effect of an alkaloid extract of Symphytum officinale on human lymphocyte cultures]. Planta medica 55(6), 518-22 Comfrey, Symphytum officinale; (Boraginaceae) GENERAL. Comfrey is one of the patriarchal herbs that I believe harkens back to the Garden of Eden. The Creator placed it on the Earth knowing that the human race was going to make a rough time of it and would need a universal salve for the wounds of war and accident

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Enkelte forveksler valurt (symphytum officinale) med borago (borago officinalis). Da blir de skuffet. Valurt og borago, eller agurkurt som den kalles, tilhører samme planteslekt, nemlig rubladfamilien (boraginaceae). Borago er en ettårig urt. Valurt er flerårig Latin name: Symphytum officinale Family name: Boraginaceae Naming by country: Deutsch - Echte Beinwell / Gemeiner Beinwell / Arznei-Beinwell / Beinwurz / Bie.. Buy Boiron Symphytum Officinale 30C, 80 Pellets, Homeopathic Medicine for Bone Trauma on Amazon.com FREE SHIPPING on qualified order

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Symphytum Officinale has been used in the past until today to treat broken and fractured bones and excellent results have been reported. Extensive research on the health benefits of Symphytum Officinale have been conducted for over 2000 years to make this conclusion. Our Symphytum Officinale are in pellet form and packaged in recyclable plastic. Symphytum. Symphytum officinale. Bone-set. Healing Herb. Comfrey. N. O. Boraginaceæ. Tincture of fresh root-stock collected before flowering and in autumn. Tincture of fresh plant. Clinical.─. Symphytum officinale. Symphytum officinale: translation. noun. European herb having small white, pink or purple flowers; naturalized as a weed in North Americ Symphytum officinale L. Svenska synonym: vallört Valurt Læge-Kulsukker Rohtoraunioyrtti Common Comfrey Echter Beinwell Beskrivning. Äkta vallört är en högväxt, flerårig ört med vingkantad stjälk. Den sprider sig med utlöpare och bildar ofta stora bestånd Symphytum officinale (Smeerwortel). In de klassieke homeopathie en de ziekteclassificatie behoort Symphytum tot de acute middelen Valurt: Symphytum officinale: Valurtrøtter: Foto © Guren Efferus: © 2010-2018 Efferus Veksthus. All Rights Reserve

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